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Based on years of experience working in the agricultural industry Forces Farming are subject matter experts on how to enter agriculture and wider rural industries. We consider it extremely important that you are sure agriculture is for you and your family. Taking time to understand agriculture by learning with farmers puts you in a strong position for further steps in your career. Gaining experience is just as important as a qualification. We support this by working to a four step process focussing on providing Insight – Experience – Placement and Development to help you identify which sector of farming or the rural industry is for you.

Check out the ‘How it Works‘ section for more information.


See what you’ve done each day, take pride in what you’re doing

Team Work

An industry working to the same goal, enjoy what you do


Mainly family farms and businesses with honest values


Process based seasonal work but with ever changing conditions

What can you offer the farming industry?

We understand it might not be easy to transfer and translate the skills you gained in the Armed Forces. Forces Farming can help by discussing what skills fit where in farming. You might enjoy working outdoors or with animals, crops or plants or have an interest in logistics. Agriculture is a thriving business and there has never been a more exciting time to get involved. From working on farms to working with machines, crops, drones or livestock, Forces Farming can help identify where you could use your previous skills.

Leverage your skills in delivering on time using the assets and tools available

Forces Farming closes the gap between military and agricultural technology and assists in transferring your skills into a new career and industry

What does a veteran or service leaver bring to your business?

If you are a farmer, organisation or a business interested in working with Forces Farming please complete the form below. You can read more about the levels of engagement in the ‘How it Works’ section. Options are available for you to either host an insight day, offer someone an experience position or placement.

Some of the many skills a veteran or service leaver brings to your business are:

  • Dedicated, motivated and punctual
  • Used to getting the job done with the tools provided
  • Skilled in learning in a condensed period of training
  • Thrive in routine and structured environments
  • Trained with relevant skills for the agricultural industry
  • Safety conscious and first aid trained
  • Used to physical work, being in the outdoors and grafting
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Register your interest

For more information or to register your interest for a Forces Farming event or insight day please complete the form below.

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