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How it works

The four step process is known as Insight – Experience – Placement – Develop.

It’s easy to follow for a veteran or service leaver wanting enter agriculture and for a business or partner farm to plan how much time you can dedicate to supporting Forces Farming.

Use the register link below to sign up if you are interested in offering one or more of the elements.


Insight of potential career paths in agriculture and the rural industry for all ranks of the armed forces.
(1-2 days)

  • Prepare service leaver and transitioning family for a rural lifestyle and career in agriculture
  • Content: Broad overview of agriculture, farm tour, hands on insight to working in farming
  • Duration and Location: 
1 – 2 day event hosted by:
    – Forces Farming Partner Farms
    – Forces Farming Partner Companies
    – Forces Farming Ops Farm
  • Outcome: The service leaver has experienced an on farm introduction to British agriculture and an overview of associated potential career paths.

Next Step: Experience event or placement.

Forces Framing recruitment


Experience more detail of a chosen sector or sectors and potential career path.
(~3-5 days)

  • Experience particular areas of interest to the service leaver – “Spend time doing what you are interested in”
  • Following on from the Insight day this event targets areas of interest eg: shepherding, machine operation, crops, dairy etc.
  • Content: Detailed introductory training for the future career path. Participant will have the opportunity to spend time with a professional in this sector e.g. Shepherd
  • Duration and Location: 3 – 5 day event hosted by:
       – Forces Farming Partner Farms
       – Forces Farming Partner Companies
  • Outcome: The service leaver is confident that this is the desired area of work for their future career

Next Step: Placement


Placement with partner farm and optional industry partner engagement.
(Seasonal 3-6 months or up to 12-18 months)

  • Placement with partner farm and optional industry partner engagement
  • Previous experience event provides more in-depth training and career planning
  • Content: Commercial placement with a partner farm, invested employer or industry partner
  • Duration and Location: 12 – 18 months hosted by:
       – Forces Farming Partner Farms
       – Forces Farming Partner Companies
  • Outcome: The service leaver has 12 – 18 months planned after transitioning. If possible accommodation will be provided by / with employer

Next Step: Develop – Support – Coach

Forces Farming transitioning


Develop a career with further training or employment via an invested employer while retaining contact with the veteran and employer.

  • Key to work with employers who can offer or support a career path;
    – e.g. promote a career path via a dealership position leading onto further opportunities such as manufacturer position
  • On farm positions provide the basic training with farmers – the foundation of the agricultural industry;
    – e.g. Potential to move from an arable farm into an industry body, agronomist or grain logistics
  • Forces Farming experience of the agricultural industry supports further development of participants
  • For some working on a farm might be enough. For others it can be a platform to build from into a longer term career
    e.g. Becoming a smallholder, move into drone technology etc.

Next Step: Retain contact, visit Forces Farming employers at agricultural trade shows.

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